My Name Is Joey Ciaramitaro.  My Blogs Include www.goodmorninggloucester.com www.capeanneats.com www.capeannwellness.com and more.  I hope you enjoy my posts about BBQ, Restoring Weber Grills, Grill Accessory Reviews and BBQ Bargains and Anything Else That May Come Up Along The Way.  Most posts are created at our lobster dock in Gloucester MA, Captain Joe and Sons, oh yeah, we have a blog for that too with stories about our fishermen.


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  1. lol maybe another time then, between the Canadian exchange rate, shipping ($350 ish Canadian) and our travel business just lost money due to Covid (saw your pics at hard rock btw….wife and I were at the grand opening of Los Cobos in the fall) I will have to pass. I have three other cool hibachis (2 pigs and a cow)


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