Honey Sriracha Chicken Thighs On The @WeberGrills Ivory Mastertouch Might Is The Biggest Bang For Your Buck Impressive BBQ Protein If Executed Properly

Couple of key steps- patting your chicken thighs down with paper towels, using peanut oil, and high indirect heat- 450F, they can cook til 185 internal.

Half a cup of honey, quarter cup of sriracha, four of five shakes from a bottle of soy. Warm it, mix it, put it aside.

Take your chicken thighs and pat them down thoroughly with paper towels, then put them in a bowl and drizzle peanut oil on them to lightly coat.

I then used Big Cock Ranch Special Shit rub from my good friend Pauline at Pauline’s Gifts and then a coating of McCormicks Mesquite seasoning. Put them aside after the rub is administered and get the kettle set up.

Set up grill for high indirect heat. I use a slow n sear and lay down about 12 unlit briquettes in it and then light a full chimney of briquettes til they’re mostly all going. Then dump them into teh Slow N Sear on top of teh unlit coals and let the coal go uncovered for another ten minutes of so. After dumping the coals, place a full sheet of aluminum foil on the opposite side of the charcoal grate from where the SNS is to catch chicken fat drippings which will make a real greasy mess if you skip this step.

A large roll of heavy duty aluminum foil is probably the most underrated BBQ must have. I use foil almost every cook.

After the ten minutes of letting all the coals get fired up, arrange the chicken thighs on the cooking grate with just a small amount of space in between them and making sure they are over the aluminum foil that is directly beneath them on the charcoal grate.. The foil will catch the drippings but also force the air from the bottom vent on the kettle up through the bottom of the Slow N Sear creating that convection high heat offset cooking effect.

After 45 minutes or so when the skin starts to crisp up a little, glaze the chicken thighs with the honey-sriracha sauce.

Replace the lid and cook until internal temp on the thighs is 185F.

You can mop the thighs after they come off the grill with any remaining sauce.

Serve and enjoy. You can also play around with the amount of sriracha you put in. Start out with the amount of sriracha I have in the recipe and if you like it less hot add more honey, if you want it more spicy add more sriracha til it tastes right for you and your guests.

Hey Bananahead (talking to myself)- No Shortcuts To The Best Ribs!!!

I recently acquired a Pit Barrel Cooker (PBC) which is a really nice piece of kit.

I botched two attempts at ribs by skipping a few steps and a few ingredients.

  • Hang the ribs for two hours in the smoke or until they have the color I’m, looking for.
  • Lay down foil and add four-5 pads of butter, brown sugar, honey and BBQ sauce on top.
  • Put a grate in the PBC.
  • Next double wrap in foil and place the curved side down on the grate.
  • After an hour unwrap the ribs, pour the liquid that has collected in the foil into a glass measuring cup.
  • Place the ribs back on the grate and mop the top of the ribs with that liquid and let sit in the smoke for another hour to tighten up the ribs.