Fourth Of July Charcoal Sales


There are three charcoal sales that you can pretty much count on year after year.  Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day.  These sales generally produce 50% off sales and if you even grill 1/4 of the times I do, it’s worth it to stock up.

Regular prices on Kingsford are $10 for an 18.6 lb bag of charcoal which comes to .537 cents per lb.

For comparisons sake I’ll do the math for you.

Home Depot Kingsford Sale 2×18.6= 37.2lbs  $9.88 divided by 37.2lbs=.265 cents per lb

Lowes Royal Oak Briquettes Sale $4 divided 15.4lbs= .259 cents per lb

Lowes Kingsford Sale Same as HD- 2×18.6= 37.2lbs  $9.88 divided by 37.2lbs=.265 cents per lb

Also there are $15 off of $50 coupons out there on the internet for Lowes, so if you get that discount code and use it, you’d need to get 6 two packs.  That’s $59.28-$15 coupon = $44.28 12 bags x 18.6= 223.2 lbs  $44.28 divided by 223.28= .198 cents per lb

This from AZ Monsoon  on the forum

Home Depot:
2 – 18.6 lb Kingsford Bags $9.88

15.4 lb Royal Oak Briquettes $4.00


2 – 18.6 lb Kingford Bags $9.88


Stubbs 14 lb bag $2.00 off $7.99

Sausage stuffed with jalapeño poppers and rolled in mudicca

Trying something a little crazy. Picked up some garlic cheese sausages and took the meat out of the casings. Mixed it with olive oil, JoeVirgilioVirgilios  Mudicca and  pork rub. Flattened it out and placed a hollowed out jalapeño in the center and filled it with shredded cheddar and then formed the meat mix around it. Then rolled it in the mudicca again and now they’re on the @webergrills Performer. #BBQ #bbqporn #weberforlife #weber #weallrubourmeat #foodporn #GloucesterMA #bbqporn #gloucesterbbqdelegation

St Louis Ribs Snake Method Set Up For The @WeberGrills Performer

First arrange the coals around the inside perimeter of the bowl in a semicircle from 7:30 to 3:00
2017-06-16 05.09.55

Next place a Weber lighter cube at the left hand start of the snake (or fuse) and get the left most coals going.  Place come apple wood along the top and cherry wood chips sprinkled along the path of the snake.

2017-06-16 05.11.37

St Louis ribs have been dusted with rub for an hour or so.

2017-06-16 05.49.34

Place the foil under the grill grate and on top of the charcoal grate for an easy clean up. Once covered grill temps hit 200 degrees close the bottom vent so the handle is about one inch from being completely closed. Cover and don’t peek for about three hours when we will mop them for the first time.

2017-06-16 07.50.31

2017-06-16 05.52.18

Rolling smoke on some Pork Belly on the @WeberGrills Performer 

Rolling smoke on some nice pork belly. Prepped by Eric Lorden and smoke is now happening on the @webergrills Performer Cherry and apple wood for smoke. Plan to smoke at grill temp around 200 until internal temp is 150F.#BBQ #bbqporn #ilovegrilling #weber #foodporn #weberkettleclub #GloucesterMA #weallrubourmeat #foodie #paleo #nomnom #weberforlife #bacon