@SamuelAdamsBeer Special Edition @WeberGrills 18 Inch Mod From One-Touch Silver To One-Touch Gold and Wood Handles

I got an old 18 inch ash catcher ring that I guess had been hanging in the back warehouse at Fosters Grill Store for a decade or so.  Weber stopped selling 18 inch kettles with the pot style enclosed ash catchers a long while ago and now ships them with the dish style ash catchers.

Next I pilfered the ash catcher pot off the beat up green One touch Premium that I found on a walk with the lovely Katelyn which will fit the ash catcher that I bought in the warehouse at Fosters.

Put them together and snapped it into place on the Sam Adams One-Touch Silver to turn it into a One-Touch Gold.

Here she is when I got started cleaning her up.  structurally perfect but covered in dust and a dirty bowl with some caked on charcoal remnants.



She also came with a highly sought after laser cut Sam Adams logo grill grate which I stored away to keep pristine.  it had never been cooked on.


So I soaked the ash catcher pot and went to work on the bowl and lid which both came out spotless.

Next added the wood handles that master woodworker David Calvo made for me-




Ribeyes, Atomic Buffalo Turds and Smashed Red Bliss Potatoes On The @WeberGrills Crate and Barrel Dove Grey Performer


Because I wanted to reverse sear the ribeyes, I pulled out the Upper deck Grill Grate, which is one of my favorite accessories for my Webers. The Upper Deck allowed me to cook the ABTs up above the Ribeyes and smashed potatos. It gives you an extra half a grate to cook on.  It’s made out of heavy gauge stainless steel and fits perfectly.  My review on the Upper Deck here


@WeberGrills Red Limited Edition Topper Kettle Orders Need To Be Placed By May 1st

Here’s the Flyer from Our Local (and Best) Weber Alliance Dealer On The North Shore Of Boston.


The information in the flyer states that the orders need to be placed by May 1st.  They won’t be taking orders after that date.

This tells me that these grills will be very sought after by the people that don’t place orders.  Weber hasn’t made a classic red kettle in a long time. Enthusiasts will either get one or in five years be paying large money for them is my guess. I’m placing an order for one.

Call 978-283-1275 to talk to them about placing your order.

Contact them on Facebook here- https://www.facebook.com/fostersgrillstore/

Cutting The Ribeye Cap and Filet

Since Stop and Shop East Gloucester has been having specials on Rib Roasts I thought it would be a good idea to share videos showing how to break these awesome deals down.  Whenever you see a Rib Roast for under $6 per pound you’re crazy not to buy it and it’s simple enough to break down into steaks. IMO it’s the best cut of meat on the animal.

Smoked Rib Roast On The @webergrills Simpson’s 22

Bought a standing rib roast at East Gloucester Stop and Shop on sale and removed the ribs and trimmed her up-

Rubbed it down with Olive Oil and rubbed with Rosemary and Garlic and then some Montreal Steak Seasoning. Tied the roast with butchers twine to get it uniformly cylindrical in shape and wrapped in saran wrap and put in the fridge for a couple hours-

Set up the Simpson’s 22 with the snake method using cherry and pecan wood (thanks @JEBIV). I also rubbed the removed Beef rib and tossed it on along side the Roast.

Once it hit 120 internal gave it a little sear rotating it over the coals.
Brought it up to 124 and wrapped it in foil for an hour while the woman of the house prepared some potatoes.


Pink edge to edge –

My pants just got tight…