It’s That Time Of Year- Smoked Corned Beef On The @pkgrills #pk360

Right now every grocery store has corned beef brisket on sale. Time to get to it!

Unwrap, trim excess fat, Pat down with paper towel, generously apply coarse black pepper, smoke between 225-275 til it hits 190 internal.

Couldn’t be easier.

Looking Forward To Shooting A Review Video For The @WeberGrills CGA Deflector Plate With @CraigKimberley

Just ordered this deflector plate for the Weber Charcoal Go-Anywhere

Look for a video review from Craig and I once it comes in.  The deflector plate should allow for more grate real estate and a whole lot more versatility for the @webergrills portable. $19.99 with free amazon prime shipping seems like a steal.

Link to buy here on Amazon

After seeing this video which was more to feature the automatic temp control but the deflector plate is featured.-

The Best Online Tutorial For The Snake Method I’ve Seen-

I use a modified version of this cook when I cook low and slow on Weber grills.  Only difference is I don’t perfectly arrange them like Gus does.  I just dump the desired of briquettes out and push them up along the sides.  For illustration purposes you’ll grasp the concept of the snake method of achieving low consistent temps without having to fuss with the vents by checking out his blog post (its pic heavy and concise)

Scroll Through @bigbosbbq Insta To See How Beautifully @weberGrills Clean Up

Love looking after my toys!!! Gave my burgundy @weberbbqausnz platinum a full breakdown and detail clean today! Here's few before and after pics! Come up like new…also big ups to the @weberbbqausnz crew for the new ash catcher setup, the customer service from you guys is the best iv ever seen and that's just one of the reasons I'll be a weber lifer… time to start cooking and get her all dirty again 👌🔥🔥🔥@weberkettleclubaustralia @weberkettleclub @weberstoreaustralia #bigbosbbq #lowandslow #carnivore #nofilter #alwayslearning #bbq #barbecue #weber #webergrills #bbqdownunder #CertifiedGrillLover #melbourne #aba #bbqporn #smoker #smokedmeat #bbqlife #grillporn #foodporn #heatbeads #bbqaustralia #weberausnz #putalidonit #eatingbbq #chickenwingsforlife #grillon #bbqboss

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Superbowl Grilling Idea- Moink Balls On The @PKGrills #PK360

I pretty much followed the recipe from serious eats Except I added some oregano and garlic powder to the mix.  Also I think the recipe can be improved if you partially cook the bacon before hand and buddy Craig Kimberley suggested using a pork/beef mix instead of straight ground chuck.

These were awesome and I’d do them all over again the same way with either of teh ingredients if that’s all I had on hand.

Mix one lb and a half of  80/20 ground beef, two lightly beaten eggs and 3/4 cups seasoned panko bread crumbs and added oregano and garlic powder.

Roll into 1 inch balls and wrap with a half a strip of bacon securing the bacon with a tooth pick.  next dust with your favorite BBQ Rub.  I used Famous Daves BBQ Rub.


Next set up the PK 360 for high heat indirect cooking.  A full chimney of hot coals on one side, all vents wide open.  Let the pit come up to temp.   Once over 300 degrees, place a sheet of tin foil on the charcoal grate to catch the drippings and keep your grill clean.  Place the cooking grate on and arrange the moink balls about an inch apart on the opposite side of the grill from the coals so they are not over any coals.  Add wood chips to your charcoal for smoke and close the lid.  After twenty minutes you should have some nice browning action on your moink balls.


Next mop your balls with a nice sweet BBQ rub.  I happened to use Sweet Baby Rays, you use whatever you have on hand.


Close the lid again for about 5-7 minutes to let that sauce set up on your balls.




@craigkimberley and I both agreed, these will be on the menu for Superbowl.



@Killer_Hogs_BBQ Rub For The St Louis Ribs On The @WeberGrills Performer


Malcom Reed has what I consider to be one of the best YouTube channels for all your BBQ needs- HowToBBQRight

Malcom explains everything concisely without pretense and the videos are edited so you can follow along without having to sit through the entire process.  He hits the main points and sends you on your way.  He also happens to sell great BBQ Rubs under the Killer Hogs Brand which you can find here on Amazon  

The BBQ Rub is excellent.  I highly recommend it and may go in for the five lb bag if anyone wants to split it up with me.

This cook was pretty straightforward.  250 degrees.  Ribs cooked offset the coals. Charcoal arranged with the snake method.  Apple chips for smoke.  Foil under the ribs to collect the drippings.  After 3.5, hours wrap in foil with a couple of squirts of BBQ sauce.  Back on the grill for another 2 hours.  When checking to see if they’re done I use a pair of tongs and lift the ribs from about the halfway point of the ribs.  If they bend easily I know they are done.  Another way to tell if they’re done is if the bark separates when you bend them.


Beeswax and Mineral Oil Make A Fine Wood Protectant- Check Out Fellow @WeberGrills Enthusiast Andrew Kelly’s Work

Be sure to click through to see the before and after photos on his Instagram posts shown below.  The beesqax and mineral oil really brings out the grains in the wood.