Smoked Chuck Roast Queso On The Ivory @WeberGrills Mastertouch

Smoked Chuck Roast Queso. I’ve seen plenty of smoked Queso recipes and they all look good. Here’s what I did that I think puts it over the top: when smoking the chuck roast I put a foil pan under the roast with a small can of beef broth in it. It does two things. It keeps moisture in the kettle helping the chuck not dry out, it also collects the drippings. I save that and pour about a cup of the drippings into the Queso. The charred and roasted jalapeño along with the drippings give this Queso an incredible smoky richness that is incredible.

Whole Chicken Roasters On the Weber Kettle Couldn’t Be Easier

Take chicken out of package rinse and pat dry with paper towels.

Many different options for seasoning.  Salt and pepper work fine.  and a light pat down of EVOO or peanut oil (I prefer peanut oil).  you can also put on a chicken rub like Doug Keiles Ribs Within Chicken Rub.  He’s an award winning BBQ Champ and has an awesome line of BBQ rubs and lives right here in Gloucester MA.

Link to Doug’s Rubs Here

Half a chimney of unlit coals off to the side of the kettle,  dump a half a chimney of lit coals on top of them.

Wait til kettle reaches 375 degrees F

Place a sheet of tin foil under the chicken on the charcoal grate to collect the chicken fat from gunking up your kettle bowl.

Place chicken on cooking grate over the foil and offset the coals so it will cook from the indirect heat.

Place a chunk of cherry or apple wood for smoke on the coals.


When the bird reaches 145 F mop with your favorite BBQ sauce (optional) it’s great without sauce too).

Pull the bird off at 165F measured at the thickest part of the breast.