I have a confession to make. I was lazy and didn’t want to lug my @WeberGrills kettle to my Sisters House To Cook This Roast So We Cooked It In The Oven and It Wasn’t Nearly As Good

I’d normally cook roasts offset the coals on one of my Weber Kettles, kettle temp 250-275 bringing the roast to internal 115F then remove it, rest for 10-15 minutes and let the coals get super hot with the lid cracked and then rotate it a minute on each side for a perfect crust.

But I was lazy. I didn’t want to load it in the truck and bring it. So we did it in the oven. 😞

Shame. Shame. Shame.

It was good. Just not great like we’re accustomed to.

From This Year Onward I Will Always Carve The Ribs Off The Rib Roast and Toss Them In The Crock Pot.

I know it may not sound sexy but I’ll tell you what, this was soooo easy and soooo delicious.

I woke up around 3:00AM to trim and season our holiday rib roast.

Normally I would carve the ribs off of the roast and then tie them back on with butchers twine. Many recipes call for the consumer to ask their butcher to perform this task which will aid in the carving once the roast is done.

I decided to remove the ribs cut them into individual beef ribs, season liberally with kosher salt, coarse pepper, onion powder garlic powder and paprika and toss them in the crock pot with a cup of beef stock.

On high for 2.5 hours then sauced and set to low for 4 hours they came out incredible.

 Decided to season and toss the beef ribs from the roast in the crock pot for a mid-day snack. Seasoned with salt pepper garlic paprika and onion powder. 2.5 hours at high. 4 hours on low and topped with @traderjoes organic sriracha and roasted garlic bbq sauce. Couldn’t have been easier, couldn’t have been tastier!

For more recipe’s like this visit www.northeastbbq.com

Cast Iron Sausage and Beef Stew Seasoned With Cape Ann Sea Salt Herb Blend

Made even sweeter knowing the cooker was rescued and restored after finding it on the side of the road.

Found covered in cat hair and rusted out.

After several hours of scrubbing with a Brillo pad and several more hours reseasoning it, she’s a fantastic cooker!

Shout out to Cape Ann Sea Salt for the excellent seasoning and Marshview Farm for the delicious fresh veggies that went into it!

Smoking chili and grilling honey/garlic/butter glazed carrots on the restored cast iron fryer I found on tHe side of the road the day before.

After an hour or so of scrubbing and rinsing and scrubbing and rinsing and a couple of rounds of re-seasoning the roadside find cast iron fryer it went from this:


I was eager to put it to use so I took a bunch of ingredients from our Marshview Farm CSA Share and went to work-

Inverted the lid acts as a griddle with a grease reservoir

First used this to brown the beef for the chili then used it after to grill the carrots.

couldn’t be simpler- butter, garlic, honey til they get the color you want.

Next chili with the fryer part:

Restoring A Cast Iron Fish Fry Pan

Steel Wool and elbow grease. Warm water, a little soap on the scouring pad and scrub scrub scrub til you get rid of the surface rust.

Once you get rid of all the surface rust rinse it out completely and dry with paper towels. Light spray with avocado oil or something with a high smoke point and into a 500 degree pre-heated oven to season. Make sure there’s just a light coating of oil.


Fits on a 22 inch Weber kettle with space to access the flip up grates to add coals on either side of the pan when it’s centered.

Chick Fil A Testing Out Chicken Wings In Their Restaurants and I Say If They Had Any Balls They’d Serve Chicken Thighs Instead

Instead of being a follower they should serve chicken thighs.

Wings are super expensive because every pub style restaurant basically has to have them on the menu. Chicken thighs cooked the same way have 5 times more meat and are generally 1/3 the price only because wings are trendy.