Cheap aluminum foil pans to use for easy grill clean up


Got a box of 50 of these for $12.99 on Amazon, way cheaper than what you get at the supermarket. The cheapest alternatives I see at the Supermarket are a dollar or more per disposable pan. These come out to less than 24 cents per pan. Here’s the link on Amazon

Here they are in use with the potato volcanos-


As you can see the foil pans are saving a messy clean up from the dripping melted cheese and bacon fat.


Here we go! Dual Rib Roasts On the Vintage @webergrills Simpson’s  Kettle 

The year 2000 Simpson's @WeberGrills Kettle is getting dual rib roast duty for today's Thanksgiving Feast! #bbq #bbqporn #ilovegrilling #weber #foodporn #weberkettleclub #backshoreliving with @barryjmohan @sistafelicia @kfoley41 @patciaramitaro #simpsons A video posted by Joey C (@captjoe06) on Nov 24, 2016 at 6:27am PST Set up … Continue reading Here we go! Dual Rib Roasts On the Vintage @webergrills Simpson’s  Kettle 

Shout Out To Old School Service At Foster’s Grill Store! Thanks Boots! 

Do you know we have probably the most knowledgeable and well stocked Grill Store on the North Shore right here in Gloucester MA? Better than any of the Big Box stores by a mile.

Go into one of the big box stores I dare you and see if they can pull out a parts catalog from 2000 for your classic grill you’re trying to find parts for.  Ain’t gonna happen.  But you know what? Foster’s has warehouses full of parts and inventory and they have guys like Billy and Boots that can help you locate it.