Chipotle Flank Steak and Veggies On The @WeberGrills Go-Anywhere Using The @LittleGriddle Euro-Q Jr

@SistaFelicia brought over some marinated Flank Steak and Veggies and because the Weber Red Limited Edition Kettle was serving duty cooking a reverse sear roast we tossed this Little Griddle Euro-Q on top of the mighty Go-Anywhere.  Worked out great.  Looking forward to putting this little griddle into the rotation.



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Weber Charcoal Go-Anywhere Lid Temp Test

Here are my unscientific findings on a reverse sear ribeye test.  The reason for the test is because I modified on of my Charcoal Weber Go-Anywhere grills with top lid vent knobs.  The knobs are rated up to 400 degrees.

Not having any idea how hot the lid would get I tested on a WGA that did no have the knobs installed, in case the lid got so hot it would ruin perfectly good knobs.

I left both bottom vents wide open, the top vent over the coals closed and the top vent on the opposite side wide open.

This is the grill I modified with the addition of the top vent knobs-


About a quarter of a chimney of coals and 12 coals on the charcoal grate will be the amount of coals we are using.


Lid temp before dumping the lit coals 82 degrees F


After dumping the coals, the temp of the lit coals registered 975 degrees F


Here’s the WGA set up for the reverse sear.


Four minutes with lid closed 387 degrees F


Fifteen minutes with lid closed 469 degrees F lid temp.  $451 degrees grill grate temp.


Finit.  (No whale butter dishes were harmed during testing)


I think that if I use a washer between the knob which has a metal threaded insert and the vent tab that it will work out fine.  I plan to test tomorrow with the modded unit.

Here’s a link to purchase the knobs on Amazon-
Product description
Strength, durability, and heat resistance are some of the benefits of this broad range of phenolic handle. Extremely versatile range of mountings. Female insert machined to suit. Mounting type: female insert. Thread length/depth: 3/8″. Mounting diameter and threads per inch: 1/4-20. Plastic material: thermoset; insert material: brass. Measures 7/8″ diameter by 2-41/64″ height.

And a link showing the mod directions-

Weber Go-Anywhere Charcoal Grill Vent Knob Mod