Reverse sear ribeye on @LodgeCastIron Skillet @webergrills A perfect combination

Ribeye reverse seared.

Olive oil, Montreal steak seasoning smoked offset the coals to 87 degrees internal.

Next, cover off to get @lodgecastiron skillet heated up.

Peanut oil and butter in the skillet and wait til the oil just starts to smoke.

Place ribeye in and don’t disturb it.

Place a pad of butter on top and flip after 2.5 minutes.

Place another pad of butter on top and remove from skillet at 120 degrees internal.

That cast iron allows full meat surface maillard reaction as opposed to just getting it where your meat hits the grates.

My buddy Chris McCarthy told me it’s as good if not better than any steakhouse steak he’s eaten.

Smoked and braised Italian beef sandwiches on the Weber kettle

Salt Pepper Garlic Paprika Rub on a three lb Chuck Roast.

Two Hours smoked offset coals pit temp 275.

Cut up onion, red bell pepper, four cloves garlic, one small can beef broth, half cup of water and two packets Good Seasons Italian seasoning in covered Dutch oven.

Continue braising process til beef is pull apart tender (3-4 hours)

Build sandwich:

Virgolios sub roll with provolone cheese layer, then beef, then topped with Italian giardenia and fried peppers.

Outstanding! Will absolutely make this again!