Video- Quality Grill Parts Heavy Duty Charcoal Baskets vs Stock Weber Baskets

Buy The Quality Grill Parts Heavy Duty Stainless Charcoal Baskets On Amazon At This Link 

For comparison, the stock Weber aluminum charcoal baskets vs the Quality Grill Parts Heavy Duty Stainless Charcoal Baskets.  A pair of the Weber charcoal baskets weighed in at 1.9 lbs vs the Quality Grill Parts baskets at 3.15 lbs. the Quality Grill Parts Baskets cost $29.99 with free Prime shipping on Amazon at this link vs $14.99 for Weber aluminum Charcoal baskets which ship for free with Amazon Prime at this link


You can see the difference in thickness in these photos.


So my conclusion is this- If you want the best and BBQ often then these lifetime charcoal baskets are a no-brainer.  If all you do is throw burgers on the grill occasionally you probably don’t even know what the charcoal baskets are for in which case the stock baskets would work out just fine.  Seeing as the charcoal baskets are such a large part of my BBQ routine these were at the very top of my BBQ wish list.  there are many BBQ accessories that are frivolous and end up being used once and then stuck in a drawer.  these get used about 85% of the time I fire up teh kettle.  no-Brainer purchase!

This Lime Green Smokey Joe For $48.94 Is A Bargain and Sure To Be Collectable In The Not Too Distant Future


I paid $10 more for mine that I’ve got all sealed up in it’s original packaging.  $48.94 is a bargain for one of the coolest color Smokey Joe’s ever offered in the States.

Check it out at this link

Sirloin Roast on the @WeberGrills Kettle

Very simple. Trim excess fat off the roast.

Rub down with EVOO.

Sprinkle on the John Henry’s East Texas Brisket Rub (you can use any rub you’d like)

Set up the kettle using the snake method.

Cherry Chips and apple wood for smoke.

Cook offset the coals til 125 internal temp.

Remove temp probe and sear directly over the coals just to get a little color and caramelizing.

Let rest for 5 minutes minimum.

Slice thin and enjoy!




Vintage Weber TV Commercial With A Redhead Just Like The ’78 I Picked Up Last Weekend

The 1978 Vintage Red Metal Bowl Handle Weber Kettle Just Like The One I Drove Two Hours To Buy Last Week In An old School Commercial.

Here’s mine.  I still haven’t had a chance to clean her up but with a little elbow grease she’ll be looking close to looking new.


OMG @WeberGrills Wedgewood Blue <3

They don’t sell these in the States.  They were sold in Iceland, Germany and Dubai in 2012 from what I can tell.

OMG I’m in love.  The Official Weber model number is Weber One Touch Premium 1358204






Here’s the box and model number for the Wedgewood Smokey Joe-1128999


For sale in Germany? Here’s the link


Frozen #Pizza On the @WeberGrills Kettle

At East Gloucester Stop and Shop supermarket this morning and these frozen pizzas were on sale.  They looked good and because I’m always trying to discover more things to prepare on the kettle i thought I’d give it a shot.  I didn’t have access to a pizza stone at the dock so this is how it’s going down-

Starting out with a Sreamin’ Sicilian Frozen Pizza.


Fire up the kettle with a heaping chimney full of coals and the charcoal baskets pushed wide apart so we can place the pizza in the middle for indirect cooking.  A chunk of cherry for smoke.  also a couple of slivers of foil to guard the edges of the pizza from where they would be over the charcoal baskets so the pizza won’t burn.


Tossed the frozen pizza on and added a generous amount of extra shredded cheese-


Set the timer for 18 minutes.  I’ll report back.

So 18 minutes later and its done-


I’d say its a 5 on a scale from 1-10.  If we didn’t live in a community full of awesome Italian bakeries and pizzerias it would probably score a little higher.  Anywhere else like say the Midwest it’s probably a 6.5.

Edible, and just OK but I won’t be seeking it out any time soon to do again.