Weber Char-Q Chicken Thigh Test


The Weber Char Q performed well on the chicken thighs.

Some notes-

A half a chimney of Weber briquettes with top and bottom vents wide open produced temps of 325-350.

Since I normally cook chicken thighs offset the coals around 450F I figure a full chimney would have yielded higher pit temps.

A couple of days ago I slow cooked a small pork shoulder on the Weber Char-Q and it held temps under 300F for the entire cook with barely any vent adjustments using the snake method. Here’s a link to that cook.

I really like this grill.



@WeberGrills Char-Q Snake Method Pork Shoulder Cook/Test

The Weber Char-Q was only produced for 3 years between 2008-2011.

It’s a well built charcoal grill with porcelain coated grates and a cast aluminum body.

Because of it’s funky bottom vent I wan’t sure if I would be able to hold steady temps under 300 degrees.

Using the snake method it proved to be an excellent smoker holding temps under 300 the entire time with barely any vent adjustments and it barely used any charcoal.

Watch the video to see how it performed and the grill set-up to achieve pit temps between 230-290 throughout the cook without having to fuss with the vents much..

Uhmmmm, @CaptJoeLobster Topped Steak Cooked Cooked On Vintage Hibachi Drizzled with Butter and Finished With Cape Ann Sea Salt Rosemary & Black Pepper

It had to be done.

Assemble the best ingredients known to mankind, cook it on a vintage cast iron hibachi using lump charcoal.

Finish with Cape Ann Sea Salt Co. Rosemary and Black Pepper Flake Sea Salt.

Lobster from Captain Joe & Sons Lobster.

Check out the video-