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Smoker has been running between 264 and 300.

Did not check the lid til 11:06, she’s looking niiiiice


She has stalled at 167 internal for about an hour or so.  Gonna spritz her and open the vents a little, temps have settled in at grate level at 250.

The stall lasted just over a  hour.  Broke out at 1:15PM.

Just gonna kick back,  drink a beer and let all that fat render down into succulence.


At 2:00PM she got double wrapped in foil and transported to the house where the oven was preheated for 275.

Temps started to climb slowly and at 4:15PM she hit 203 internal.  A ten hour session!  Wrapped the butt in a towel and placed it in a cooler to rest for an hour.

When we unwrapped her at 5:15PM the results were worth the wait-


Nephew BJ and BIL Barry as well as The Kimberley’s came over to enjoy some wings and pulled pork.

It was a Sweet Baby Ray’s kinda day-


Nephew BJ approves










Wings Using Charcoal Baskets & STOK CI Grates On The Performer For The Celtics

Always a winner. They come out crispy like they were fried by cooking them indirect.

Fire up your charcoal in the charcoal baskets which concentrates the heat and flame in the center of the grill then place the lightly coated in peanut oil and rubbed wings along the perimeter for indirect high heat grilling.


The Easiest Grilled Baked Potato Ever On The @WeberGrills Smokey Joe #bbq


So cheap, so delicious, so easy you gotta add it into your BBQ repertoire.

First Pierce the russet potatoes a bunch of times and toss them in the microwave for three minutes.  then flip them over and put them in for another three minutes.

Carefully take them out and use a paper towel or basting brush to brush on some EVOO.  Next crush some Atlantic Saltworks coarse salt on top(this will create a nice crust).

Fire up the pit and let the coals get good and hot vents wide open.

Tear off a piece of aluminum foil to place the potatoes on so they don’t burn and leave them on for about 45 minutes.

The outside skin will be nice and crispy and the inside fluffy just waiting to bathe in butter and/or sour cream and/or cheddar melting cheese and/or bacon bits and/or chopped up jalapenos and/or… you get the picture.



Pork #Ribs On the @WeberGrills Smokey Mountain Live Smoke Today At www.northeastbbq.com #BBQ

Picked up some Pork Ribs at Stop and Shop East Gloucester and rubbed them with the Paul Prudhomme Rub.  Going to let them meld with the rub for an hour or so to let it set up for some nice bark formation during the smoke.  Check back throughout the morning for updates.



8:28AM Update

Set Up the Weber Smokey Mountain Smoker using the Minion Method charcoal set up. Cherry chips and Apple wood chunks.


8:46AM Update

Pork Back Ribs Hit The Smoker


10:46AM Update

Two Hours In and it’s time to start basting.  the smoker has been running a little hot- right around 300.  I’m not gonna fight it.



Mixed up16 oz of Apple juice, 4 oz of Apple cider vinegar, 4 oz of EVOO, 2 Tbsp of Rub in the Charcoal Companion Silicion Baster Bottle/Brush


12:37PM Update

Been mopping the ribs every half hour or so.  This is the thicker slab.  We made quick work of the smaller slab.


1:26PM Update- The Thicker Slab Is Probe Tender and Ready For Eating-






Grill Accessory Review: Charcoal Companion Basting Brush

2016-03-23 16.10.372016-04-11 11.21.11

Normally I’m skeptical of BBQ accessories, like burger formers and jalapeno popper stands.  but sometimes there are tools that work.

When my Kate surprised me with the Charcoal Companion basting brush I was skeptical at first.  I was going to be smoking up some pork ribs that weekend when I’d put it to the test.

Normally the last 45 minutes or so on the smoker I like to spritz or baste my ribs with a mix of apple cider vinegar, BBQ sauce, water.  Often times in spray bottles the BBQ sauce clumps up and doesn’t come out evenly.

This was not the case with the Charcoal Companion basting brush.  I simple squeeze and just the right amount of liquid came out and the integrated silicon brush helps to spread it exactly where you want it on your ribs.

Clean up is a snap , just toss it in the dishwasher and it comes out clean as a whistle.

It will be a regular part of my grill accessory arsenal going forward.  Thanks Kate for the thoughtful gift.  It’s a winner. $9.97 at Home Depot


1998 Stainless Steel Craigslist Performer Find Pre-Restore

This green SS Performer find is in great shape except for the ash pan assembly.  Everything else I believe can be buffed up to look like new.  I bought it with the intention that if my buddies Craig Kimberley or James Eves didn’t want it I was going to keep it for myself.  But I could not, in good conscious let it sit there and sell to someone who would not appreciate it.  I was secretly hoping neither of them really wanted it so I could keep it for myself but James jumped at the chance and he will be doing the restore.  He promises to send in pics of the project.

The Bowl and lid were in excellent shape. The stainless will clean up beautifully with a  little bartenders keeper.  The frame solid.

2016-04-19 10.09.182016-04-19 10.15.522016-04-19 10.15.38

I would replace the bolts with stainless but I’m not sure it’s necessary.  The only bad spot are the arms on the ash pan assembly that are rusted.

2016-04-19 10.08.502016-04-19 10.09.022016-04-19 10.15.43

I’m going to ask my friends at the Webber Kettle Club Forums for suggestions.

It was quite a session yesterday on one of Smokin Jim’s old smokers

Low and slow just means we get to drink more beer. #BBQ #smokinjimsoldsmoker

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Getting close. #bbq #foodporn #manmeatbbq #bbqporn #beef #steak

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#bbq Bitches!

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STOK Cast Iron Grates On The Weber Performer

Last night it was brussel sprouts, mushroom and onion skewers and ribeyes on the 2009 Weber Performer Deluxe.

Decided to swap out the standard Weber grates for the cast iron ones on the STOK.  Worked out well using the STOK veggie basket insert to grill the brussell sprouts which were lightly coated in evoo , Atlantic Saltworks Salt and crushed black pepper.