Bacon Wrapped Smoked Onion Rings- It’s All The Rage

If you have detected a theme on this here BBQ Journal I’d say it’s bacon. Who in the world doesn’t dig anything with bacon added to it? I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that if someone doesn’t like bacon they need to re-examine their life.

After seeing different people’s take on bacon wrapped onion rings on the pit i thought I’d try ’em out.

So stupid easy and sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

Cut your onions into half inch thick rings and take the outer two bands of onion layer and lay ’em flat.

wpid-20151119_113934-01.jpegDouse ’em with your favorite BBQ sauce.  Mine is Trader Joe’s Carolina Gold-


Then hit ’em up with some of your favorite rub.


Then wrap them with bacon.  Use toothpicks to help keep the bacon in place. Two- three pieces of bacon should do on each onion ring.


Set up the pit with the coals to one side ( I set up the Weber kettle using the snake method) because I’m smoking some beef ribs at the same time.  You’re looking for pit temps  of 250-275. Using apple chunks and cherry chips.


One Hour In-


Update after an hour and fifteen minutes, glazed them with some more BBQ sauce.


One hour and a half and it’s time to pull ’em-






Oh yeah, the Beef Ribs look pretty good right about now too-


The toothpick test for doneness-

Never mind internal temp on ribs.  If the toothpick slides in and out as if it was going into warm butter- they’re done!

The Aftermath!



Never again foil ribs if you like to keep the bark.  I’m done foiling ribs.  Love the nice firm bark created by not foiling them.  Cook the ribs around 275 offset and when the meat has pulled back significantly and the toothpick slides in effortlessly, they’re done.  Glaze a little bit on top for the last 5 minutes only to warm up the sauce. otherwise there’s no reason to completely submerge the entire rib in sauce.


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