Live Smoked Pepper Stout Beef On The @WeberGrills Kettle Using @TheWolfePit Recipe

Follow the live smoke all morning at

Larry from has my favorite bbq video series check out his site at the link above for this recipe.

Set up the Kettle for the snake method using briquettes, cherry chips and mesquite chunks.


Got a third of a chimney going and dumped the asked over coals onto the left end of the briquette “fuse” looking to keep temps around 250 degrees for smoking the beef.


Applied Worcestershire sauce to the chuck roast and then coated with coarse salt and black pepper.



Once the pit hit 250 degrees tossed the beef on and inserted the probe.


Closed the lid and started chopping the veggies. Chopped half a green pepper, a whole red pepper, two jalapeño peppers with the seeds, three Cloves of garlic minced and a half of a red onion in

Once the beef hits 165 internal we pull it off the pit and add a half  a bottle of cherry root beer and a couple of tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce to the pan with the veggies, plop the beef roast on top and seal it up in foil. Opened the bottom vent on the kettle and will let it braise til it falls apart.


After a couple of hours it hit 200 degrees internally but wasn’t pull-apart-effortlessly tender. So I covered it up until I could break it up easily.


Once it broke apart easily it was shredded like you would shred pulled pork.  Then left for about twenty minutes more uncovered to reduce the liquids even more.


When done, piled on top of onion rolls with a slice of pepper jack cheese and some chipotle mayo.


Delicious.  The guys at the dock all raving about it.  Serious heat.  if the people you are cooking for won’t enjoy the heat, cut back on the jalapeno pepper.

Thanks To Larry from for the recipe. Check out his site, it’s fantastic!

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