Pork #Ribs On the @WeberGrills Smokey Mountain Live Smoke Today At www.northeastbbq.com #BBQ

Picked up some Pork Ribs at Stop and Shop East Gloucester and rubbed them with the Paul Prudhomme Rub.  Going to let them meld with the rub for an hour or so to let it set up for some nice bark formation during the smoke.  Check back throughout the morning for updates.



8:28AM Update

Set Up the Weber Smokey Mountain Smoker using the Minion Method charcoal set up. Cherry chips and Apple wood chunks.


8:46AM Update

Pork Back Ribs Hit The Smoker


10:46AM Update

Two Hours In and it’s time to start basting.  the smoker has been running a little hot- right around 300.  I’m not gonna fight it.



Mixed up16 oz of Apple juice, 4 oz of Apple cider vinegar, 4 oz of EVOO, 2 Tbsp of Rub in the Charcoal Companion Silicion Baster Bottle/Brush


12:37PM Update

Been mopping the ribs every half hour or so.  This is the thicker slab.  We made quick work of the smaller slab.


1:26PM Update- The Thicker Slab Is Probe Tender and Ready For Eating-






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