First cook on the Brick Red @WeberGrills Performer Flank #Steak


Sold the first Performer I’d ever purchased yesterday on CraigsList and fired up The Red Brick one for the first time.

It was a pretty simple cook: Flank Steak.
The Lovely Kate marinated the Flank Steak at noon time and it went on at 7:15PM
It tasted great but I probably wouldn’t have purchased it.
“Flank steak” is hot in the culinary world right now so markets price them fairly high considering the tough cut that it is.  My line of thinking is that if you can get good Ribeyes on sale for $5.99 why in the world would you pay the same thing for a lesser cut of meat?   When I go to the meat department I generally go with an open mind and look for value and then plan my cook around whats on sale.  A lot of people get a certain recipe in their head ahead of time and no matter what the cost is, they are going to buy the protein that that recipe calls for no matter what it costs per lb.  It’s the same as someone having the option to buy Rib Roast for the same price as brisket and opting for brisket.  I’ll never understand that.
In any case it turned out delicious.  She made a citrus/ avocado/cilantro/red onion topping  that was out of this world and I really enjoyed it.  She’s an amazing cook.

Set up the charcoal baskets on one side of the pit and got the coals going pretty good before I placed the Flank directly over the baskets with a chunk of mesquite for smoke.


Flipped them over and brought them to 135 internal before pulling them off, tenting them under foil for 10 minutes and then cutting across the grain.


Here it is before I scooped on the avocado mixture that Kate made-


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