@WeberGrills Green EI Code Performer Restore Update 6/27/16

Got that last nut and the base is secure. Can’t figure out what this wire rod goes to but it did come in handy this morning. I placed the top part of the frame on top of the base to see how it lined up and hooked up the 5lb propane tank to try it out. First ten clicks nothing but I did smell propane. So I stuck the wire rod into the burner tube thinking maybe there was an obstruction, twirling it around a bit. After that, success!

My buddy Joey Ciolino who is a master welder picked her up to secure the top of the frame to the base.  I’m excited to see his work!


Last night Super K and I chowed down on some Atomic Buffalo Turds made on the 2010 AD Code Performer-






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