Saturday Haul- Simpson’s 10 Year Anniversary Special Edition @WeberGrills Kettle Clean Up…

So last week I found a cool year 2000 Yellow Simpson’s  DD Code 10th anniversary special edition Weber Kettle for sale but there was no way I’d be able to get to pick it up til Saturday.  Also a 1980 Black Metal Bowl Handle B Code Weber Kettle.

Both sellers were honest and kept to their word holding the kettles for me til I could get there four days later.

Here were the respective Craigslist ad photos-


Issues with the Simpson’s kettle:  Whitewall inserts cracked on the wheels, lots of surface on the triangle, oxidization on the legs, surface rust around the handle welds and rim of the lid, oxidized vent. missing front leg cap.


Issues with the Black metal Bowl Handle- Lots of surface rust on the triangle, rust on the lid, oxidized legs and vents.

Fast forward to yesterday and the pick-up.


The Black B Code may have just a little too much rust on the outside to every be really beautiful but will be an excellent cooker and came with a set of nice heavy duty grates that were in very nice shape.

At 5AM this morning I got to work setting up the Simpsons up on an old wooden table I have at the dock.  The before photos highlighting the areas that needed attention-


You can see the surface rust around the lid handle welds and the oxidization on the lid vent-


After a lot of scrubbing with some extra fine steel wool and scraping with a razor blade-


The wire triangle that holds the legs together at the base of the kettle had considerable surface rust that I used a combination of A wire handle brush, steel wool and a bell brush attached to a cordless drill.  This was the biggest problem area and where I spent the most time cleaning-


The lid vent is just a matter of elbow grease and steel wool-


Underneath just needed a good scrubbing with the steel wool as well-


Finished (for now).






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