M10 Red Ball Vent Knob Modification For @WeberGrills

Bought these metal female threaded M10 stainless bolts on Amazon Link to purchase here


At Hometown Ace Bought M10 Stainless Bolt and Lock Washer.




Started pilot hole by lining up the bolt on the vent and marking the middle with a much smaller drill bit.  Once the smaller bit was through went through with a 3/8ths which was a perfect fit.  then just put everything through as shown and tightened.



This mod can be done on any bare Weber vent.

4 thoughts on “M10 Red Ball Vent Knob Modification For @WeberGrills

  1. Joey C
    What you don’t like burning your fingers…cannot figure out why all Weber charcoal grills don’t have the tab on the vent like the performers do…eapecially since I always use the standard 22 inch kettle


  2. The Red knob is no longer available at amazon.
    Can you recommend another knob that will work for the vent on a jumbo joe vent?
    Also what is the other parts I’ll need to put this knob together?


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