Where do you go for a part on a @WeberGrills Firepit that was made back in the 90s?

Well Foster’s Grill Store Of Course!

My buddies Craig and James picked up and surprised me with a vintage Weber Firepit with wood handles (last made in the 90s). I posted about it and wouldn’t you know, I get a message from Boots at Foster’s telling me he has the official cover that was made for it up in the upstairs storage at Foster’s.

Incredible. This is why you do business locally. What great service. You think you’re gonna get that call from Home Depot? Oh Helllll No!

Last made in the 90s, now in my possession thanks to Boots at Foster’s!


You need a part for your old grill?  you need a new grill?  Do yourself a favor and go to Fosters.

Foster’s Grill Store 


Grill store in Gloucester, Massachusetts
 Address107 Eastern Ave, Gloucester, MA 01930

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