If You’re A @WeberGrills Kettle Guy, The Q Series Is The Gasser For You

I think a big part of the beauty of a Weber Kettle is the simplicity. The ability to get parts inexpensively, the engineering that keeps the number of parts to a minimum and the simplicity in assembly which allows even the least mechanically inclined to restore them. The Q Series grills made by Weber are like little tanks. The 100/200 series are truly portable and the materials used insure it will last a good long time (much longer than any stainless Sears brand grill costing twice as much). The one piece burners slide into the regulators easily if they need to be replaced after years of use and they cost next to nothing to get a brand new one. One of the most ingenious parts of the engineering is the grate system that has slightly raised ridges for sear marks but are designed to cover the burners so they don’t get gunked up from fat drippings. Here’s a limited edition John Deere 2200 I picked up new today

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