Bridgette and Neil Mathews Come Bearing Gifts Fresh Off Their Traeger Grill

Neil and Bridgette have been putting on a BBQ clinic. they got their Traeger grill from Foster’s Grill Store last year and have fallen in love with it.

Check out the bacon and jerky they made on their Traeger-


Foster’s is currently having a sale on Traeger pellet grills til June 17th check it out here


Breakfast On The Red LE @WeberGrills Kettle for The Kiddos

I really like the Cook’s Essentials Double Reversable Griddle

It’s cheap and cleans up so easy.

Traeger’s Father’s Day Special At Foster’s Grill Store!! June 6th – 17th, 2018

Traeger’s Father’s Day Special!

June 6th – 17th, 2018

$50 off
Bronson 20 and Tailgater 20

$100 off
Select Pro, Pro Series 34, Pro Series 22 and Pro Series 20

– OR –
10% off Traeger pellets, accessories and grills with MSRP less than $1,300.00

Tailgater 20 – Blue

Pro Series 22 – Bronze

Pro Series 34 – Blue

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Good Morning Gloucester

Traeger’s Father’s Day Special!! June 6th – 17th, 2018. – $100 off MSRP of Pro Series 34, Pro Series 22, Pro Series 20 and Select Pro. – $50 off MSRP of Bronson 20 and Tailgater 20. – OR – 10% off Traeger pellets, accessories and grills with MSRP less than $1,300.00. (Cannot be combined with the MAP drop $100/$50 off promotion)

Stop by Foster’s Grill Store and buy dad something nice this year! (Or just buy yourself a new grill😉)

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Oh Buoy! It’s a Weber Grill!

Good Morning Gloucester

Our friend Joey probably already knows this, but did you know that Weber grills derived from a buoy cut in half? On my drive from New York to Gloucester recently I was catching up on my podcast list.  One of my favorites, Highlights from Moncrieff, features a segment called “Stuff That Changed The World”.  I was delighted to hear about how the barbecue changed the world.  The episode included the turning point that occurred in the 1950s in Chicago (now considered home of the Weber grill) when George Stephen Sr tinkered around and cut a buoy in half to create the first charcoal grill as we know it today. There is a very interesting article here if you are as obsessed as a certain friend of ours with Weber grills and their history.

From the Smithsonian Magazine website, a picture of the first marketed Barbecue Kettle. I think you can…

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Check Out This Barbacoa Recipe From Mike Lang @anotherpintpls

Recipe here

I plan to try this today with one modification (well since I don’t have banana leaves readily available maybe two).  Thanks Mike!

Here’s a video I put together with the seven bone chuck steak that Mike’s post inspired me to cook from his post on the Weber website.

Mike’s camerawork and editing are about a bazillion times more polished than mine but I think you’ll get the jist-



Griddle Showdown: Little Griddle Euro-Q Jr vs Cook’s Essentials Double Sided Griddle vs Emeril Single Burner Cast Iron Griddle

Links To Purchase and Read Reviews-

Little Griddle Reviews and Info Here

Emeril Single Burner Cast Iron Reversable Grill/Griddle Reviews and Info Here

Cook’s Essentials Double Reversable Griddle Here

Not included in the review was a Lodge cast iron skillet which has many of the same properties as the Emeril cast iron griddle except it is round and has higher sides which eliminates the likelihood of grease fires in the case of grease overflowing the edges.

I used a flat griddle with a small lip around the edges to do some smash burgers and bacon. Believe me if you’ve ever had a grease fire due to the grease overflowing onto the coals , it’s no fun.  They can get pretty unruly.  The high sides and deep grease collecting trays are welcome features.

You don’t need a ton of coals to get any of these griddles good and hot.

The Emeril rectangular one fits like a glove within the edges of the rectangular Weber Go-Anywhere.

The Cook’s essentials was by far the easiest to handle and clean and was a joy to use on the 22 inch Weber Kettle.  I suspect it won’t last a lifetime like a cast iron skillet that is well maintained but it also requires far less maintenance and won’t rust.  For $16.46 I like it a lot.

The Little griddle required a decent amount of elbow grease to scrub clean with an sos pad.  I suppose you could let it season up and not be so crazy about getting every bit of burnt on stuff off.