My pick For Instant Read Thermometers- The Javelin Pro

Using an instant read thermometer takes any guesswork out of your cooks.  You pay lots of money for good cuts of meat, you can eliminate the chance of ruining your meat by overcooking it or serving something that is woefully under cooked by using an instant read thermometer and knowing at what temps certain meats are done to your liking.

On most BBQ forums people rave about the Thermoworks Mk4 instant read thermometer.  It’s a great thermometer.  A friend has one, I’ve used it.  It’s also $100 and if you’re lucky there’s a %15 off sale so you can get it for $85.

After reading a ton of reviews I bought a Javelin Pro instant read thermometer.  It’s virtually the same durable build quality and its half the price.  I absolutely love mine.

Read reviews and purchase the Javelin Pro instant read thermometer here


On America’s Test Kitchen they reviewed a ton of instant read thermometers and the reviewer calls the Javelin Pro the best mid priced unit and also goes on to say the MK4 is the best, but now they also say Lavaworks is better for the price.


Here’s a review-


Color:  Chipotle|Verified Purchase
I could write a long review but I figure I’ll just give the quick and dirty. I’m a long-time Thermapen owner, so I know and expect more from a thermometer, and this Javelin measures up in every category!!! I got this on a lighting deal as an Xmas gift and my old regret is not buy 4 more of them for others. I did not get a free item to write a review.

I tested this against my 3 year old Thermapen. It not only registered faster, but both read within a tenth of one another for readings, confirming it’s accurate. I give bonuses to the backlit display and much lower price point. Add in that is read quicker or just as fast as the industry standard Thermapen, and this thing is a winner in my book. Only advantage to the Thermapen is that it came with a case, but considering the price point, I can live without that little add-on item.

Buy one of these and don’t look back. Great deal!!

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