I Was Wrong About The @SlowNSear

I’ve been a snake method BBQ guy for a long time.  People talked about the Slow n Sear and I felt like the product was wholly unnecessary.  The snake method worked for me and in certain instances I still use it but the Slow n Sear it just a really nice upgrade to any kettle.

First off it contains all the coals to one side, so for large cuts of meat you have a larger grill grate space you can use to cook indirectly than what you can accomplish with the snake method.

Next, if you can insulate the inside of your kettle form directly banked coals, that will increase the longevity of the kettle.  The Slow n Sear adds that layer of protection.

The stainless steel build quality is Grade A.

Containing the coals after each cook, a couple of shakes of the Slow n Sear and a couple of passes with your one touch system and you’re ready to cook again.

It’s not cheap but for someone that grills as much as I do, I’d upgrade my recommendation to include it in the category of an ultimate kettle set-up must have accessory.

I doubted it originally as a glorified large charcoal basket but it’s much more due to it’s larger contour to the side of the kettle and build quality.  The larger side abuts the side of the kettle continuously as opposed to charcoal baskets that have more of an arc which in turn makes you lose grill grate space where the baskets pull away from the side of the kettle.

Slow n Sear you can have much more fuel loaded at once while still having about 2/3 of the grill surface available for long smokes on a 15 lb brisket.

Available grill grate indirect cooking space-



Using charcoal baskets the amount of space you can lay meat is greatly reduced.


It’s not one thing that makes the Slow n Sear a great product, its the sum of a bunch of smaller things that when put together make it a no-brainer purchase.

To purchase and read other first hand  reviews- click here





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