Another Stupid Easy Crockpot Recipe My Daughters Devoured

Three ingredients:

  • One bottle Soy Vay teriyaki sauce
  • One third cup of honey
  • Six skinless chicken thighs. (Skinless/boneless works too)


Whisk the Soy Vay and honey together.

Pour enough of the mixture to cover the bottom of the crockpot.

Place chicken thighs in bottom of the crockpot.

Dump remaining Soy Vay/ Honey mixture on top of the chicken thighs.

Place the lid on, set timer for 7.5 hours on low and walk away.

Come back in 7.5 hours and plate it up, ladling that sticky sauce from the crock pot over the chicken that will be fall apart tender.

Take it to the next level by serving it over rice if you feel ambitious and ladle the sauce over the whole shebang.

Sorry there aren’t any plated pics. I tried one bite when it was done and we devoured it before I thought to take any pics.

For my BBQ buddies this recipe can easily be cooked on any BBQ that can achieve low and slow temps.

Here’s how I would go about it:

Instead of a crockpot you can use a cast iron dutch oven but for super easy clean up a disposable foil pan would do.

Set up your grill for low and slow indirect cooking.  On my Weber Kettle I’d set up a snake using charcoal and set my vents to achieve 200-225F.

Whisk the Soy Vay and Honey, pour on the bottom, place the chicken thighs on top and cover with the remaining liquid.

Place the foil pan offset the coals and cook uncovered for an hour or so to get some smokey flavor and color on them and then double wrap the pan with foil.

Depending on how hot you’re running your smoker will determine when they’ll be done.

If you can maintain 200 degrees I’d check them 6 hours after wrapping.  If you’re running at 250 I’d check them 4 hours after wrapping.

As soon as I do this I’ll report back how it worked out.  I’m guessing it will be incredible.

2 thoughts on “Another Stupid Easy Crockpot Recipe My Daughters Devoured

  1. This is my go to chicken marinade. If you marinate the chicken overnight in the Yeri Yeri, you don’t need the honey and can BBQ directly. It’s a show stopper.


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