Try my method for reverse-searing a steak on a Weber Kettle

Here’s the method I stand by.

First selecting your meat- Ribeye, Porterhouse, Strip Steaks at least an inch thick preferably an inch and a half.

Place charcoal baskets on one side of the kettle, light up 2/3 a chimney of coals and once they’re glowing dump them in the baskets.  At this point I’ll toss corn on the cob or russet potatoes offset the coals. I use a chunk of cherry wood or apple, if you want more intense flavors hickory or oak for smoke on top of your coals.

For corn on the cob I mix mayo and sriracha, apply liberally over the corn and then hit them with BBQ rub.

For baked potatos I pierce them put them in the microwave for five minutes then coat with olive oil and liberally top with kosher salt.

The corn  and/or potatos go on the grate opposite the coals and I let them cook for about 20 minutes before I toss on the steaks because the steaks will cook faster.

For the steaks- EVOO slather and then coarse black pepper, kosher salt and garlic powder.

I cut the top vent 50% and bottom vent 50% and stick a remote temp gauge in to monitor internal temp on the steak.  I like using a meat thermometer as it doesn’t fail me.  I get perfect results every time.

When the steak reaches 85 degrees internally I’ll put them on a plate loosely wrapped in foil and open the lid and bottom vent to get the coals ripping for about 5 minutes.  After the five minutes your coals should be glowing for the most part. The test for if you’re ready to sear is if you place your hand over (not on) the charcoal baskets, you should feel enough heat to  want to pull it right away.

Now it’s time to sear the steaks. On a steak an inch thick about a minute then rotate and grill for another minute to get hashmarks then flip and the grill a minute then rotate again.  I always use an instant read thermometer and when it hits 118 internal (for rare) pull the steaks off, rest them for about five minutes with a couple of pads of butter on each steak.  The key is internal temp, not time. If you go by time and the steaks are 100 degrees internal they will probably be too rare for your liking.  if it goes to 150 degrees you’ll be eating shoe leather.  Investing in a instant read thermometer and remote thermometer are keys to becoming a way better BBQer.

The perfect temp to pull the baked potatoes is 205 degrees internal.

While the steaks are resting you can put a little char on the corn on the cob as well.

I guarantee delicious results.

Here are the tools I use-



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