Stained and Spar Varnished vs Tung Oil On Untreated Wood Grill Handles

Bare Untreated Handles

Here are some photos before and after with a couple of coats of Tung Oil over the course of two days.  It couldn’t be easier to apply



These Weber Handles that had never been treated got a two part process.  Two coats of Miniwax Golden Pecan stain and then three coats of Spar Varnish.  Light scuffing with some extra fine steel wool and wiping with damp rag between coats over a couple of days time.


Two coats of Miniwax Golden Pecan stain


Three coats of Miniwax Helmsman Spar varnish.


After a couple of coats of Spar varnish they really pop with that wet look.



Overall I like the look slightly of the Spar urethane but the ease of application on the untreated handles with Tung Oil is pretty tough to resist.

I have an old wooden work bench that I covered with spar varnish and it’s holding up really well on my deck outdoors but it’s only been four months in direct sunlight.  we will report back at the end of the season.



Another reason for going with the Tung oil being that the spar varnish in the sun outdoors over time will likely crack and need to be sanded to reapply whereas the Tung oil just need a rag to wipe them down with more Tung oil when they lose a little luster.

I think if I was going to have a show kettle or piece for indoors I’d go with the Spar Varnish going forward but for ease of application the Tung oil can’t be beat.


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