Making Chili On The @WeberGrills Ivory Mastertouch

Inspiration for the cook from Malcom Reed’s channel How To BBQ Right Link to his video


Seasoned with chili rub and coarse black pepper


3 lb chuck roast smoked offset the coals using lump and the Slow N Sear. Roughly 275-300F pit temp.


I took it off at 189F only because we were off doing the New Years Day plunge.  180F would have been a little better but it still came out great.


Charred some Bell Pepper and Onion


Diced them up


Next into the pot the veggies with 24 oz can of diced tomato, a small can of tomato paste, a small can of chopped green chillis, and four ancho chillis in adobo sauce, some minced, garlic.


Also browned up five spicy sausages (out of the casings),  cubed the beef and tossed it all in the pot and gave a good stir.


Smoked for another 3.5 hours at 300F pit temp.


Topped with shredded Mexican cheddar and a dollop of sour cream.


Everyone loved it.


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