Thermoworks Smoke is 20% off and my favorite remote BBQ Monitoring Thermometer

Here’s the link:

By subscribing to the Thermoworks list you get an extra 10% off as well.

My good friend Joe Ball alerted me to a big sale on a commercial grade remote thermometer- the Thermoworks Smoke.

I’d always used a Maverick 732 which is a decent consumer grade remote thermometer that retails for around $60.

The Thermoworks Smoke is professional grade.  The build quality is conservatively speaking about three times greater and it can be had for $79.99 including shipping.

I can’t stress enough how good of a unit this is.  If you have a grill master in your life, trust me buy this and put it away for a birthday or Christmas and they will love you for it.

@WeberGrills Family Q 300 Reverse Sear Chairman Reserve Ribeye

@WeberGrills Family Q 300 Reverse Sear Chairman Reserve Ribeye. Love the two burner Q for reverse searing. Easy peasy. I think between the thick grates for an excellent maillard reaction and the separate burners the Family Q makes for a great reverse searing machine! Check out my blog if you want for more