Thermopop Open Box Sale Is A Great Deal For Any Chef At $23.50


An essential piece of cooking equipment is knowing when your food is done.  Whether it be an expensive tenderloin or a pork shoulder.  Why would you chance ruining the meat when you can know in seconds where your at with the internal temp.

I just bought two.  One for the house and one for the dock.  Thermoworks is regarded as the best on the BBQ circuit and this is a fantastic buy.

Here’s the link to the private sale.  you only get notified if you’re on their mailing list.  I happen to be on their mailing list so I shared the link for you to score one or two for yourself!

Check Out Mike From The Kettle Cooker’s BBQ Toolbox

Mike may be about as hardcore as they get, got to respect how organized he is.  This is a fantastic video showing some tools and rubs you might like to keep on hand for BBQ and how to lug them around.

This is a link to get his box on Amazon

I use a much smaller toolbox from Dewalt for my BBQ gear and it cost $29.99-

Here’s a link to purchase the $29.99 Dewalt toolbox


Check out Mike’s YouTube channel here

Humphrey’s Searing Station Demo With Craig Kimberley

Craig and I visit Humphrey’s Smokers Manufacturing plant to pick up his customized searing station.

To order one for yourself check out the Humphrey’s website here-