Smoking Fake Pork Burnt Ends On The @STOKGrills Charcoal Drum Follow along the live smoke at

Follow along the live cook at

Been absolutely jonesing to BBQ something for the past week. As usual I rarely go to the market with a pre-set plan.  I look to see what’s on sale and then go from there.
This afternoon Stop and Shop East Gloucester had some cut up pork shoulder, so I figured I’d smoke up some fake burnt ends.

One of the many things I love about the STOK  Charcoal drum is the included charcoal starter insert which eliminates the need for a chimney.  I kept the cone shaped charcoal starter in the middle of the kettle and poured the charcoal around it. Then sprinkled some cherry chips on top and about four mesquite chunks along the course of briquettes.  At the start of the course of briquettes I placed a starter cube and placed the cover on the kettle waiting for the temps to climb to around 250 degrees.

While the coals were getting up to temp It’s time to get to work on the pork. When opening the package the cut up pieces of pork shoulder were still a little larger than I wanted so I cut them into one and a half inch bite sized pieces.

I also trimmed off any large sections of fat.  Next drizzled them with yellow mustard and tossed them in a large ziplock bag to coat.

Next lay the mustard coated pork on a cookie sheet and sprinkle on your rub. My go-to rub happens to be the Paul Prudhomme Magic rub.

Once the STOK Charcoal drum is up to temp, on go the rubbed pork pieces.



An hour in and the STOK is holding 300 using the snake method like a champ. Internal temp on the pork is 145 degrees.


7:00PM After two hours on the pit the internal temps on the pork are 167.


The pork is pulled off and drizzled with a mixture of 5 parts bbq sauce and 1 part apple cider vinegar and foiled.


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