Midwinter Grill Grate Maintenance For Your @STOKGrills #GetStoked

Most of us die hard BBQ fanatics cook all the way through the winter but if you haven’t fired up the pit it’s a good time to give your grill a checkup and a little maintenance to ensure you’ll be ready to rock come spring.
I find it best to scrape down the grates right after you finish up and season them but there are many times you just want to get right into the delicious grub you just prepared so a little crud gets left behind. A little crud is no big deal in the summer when you’re cooking often but you don’t want that to stay there all winter making for a tougher spring cleanup.

On a sunny morning even if it’s cold,  start up the grill,  let the grates warm up,  scrape it down and then apply a nice coat of canola or peanut oil to the grates to protect against rusting.   A tiny bit of preventative maintenance goes a long way to keeping your pit tip top shape! I keep a mason jar with canola oil next to the grill all spring/summer/fall but it will congeal in the winter.  At the dollar store they always stock $1 silicone brushes which are great for mopping sauces and also applying oil to season your grates after every cook.
Have a great day and keep grilling!


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