Update 2010 @WeberGrills Brick Red Performer Restoration Project

Other than the cracked table I knew this Performer had good bones. She was pretty much scratch free, the bowl was regularly cleaned by the previous owner but she just needed to be scraped down and buffed up.
Before and after pics-

There was a little bit of surface rust on the wire shelf on the bottom .  When I was at the owners house I scratched at it with my fingernail and saw that it came right off so I knew it would clean up nicely.  The broken table surface was a bit of a concern but I knew where I could get one.

Will you look at the inside of that bowl shine after an hour or so with the razor scraper and steel wool?


After cleaning the bowl thoroughly, the lid got some love with some steel wool and soapy water.  Just like new! Before and after-


The lid vent was a little dirty but again some dish soap on the steel wool did the trick-photogrid_1461786666516.jpg

Thanks to Weber Kettle Club Forum Member @TheDude for suggesting CLR cleaner to knock off the surface rust on the bottom wire rack shelf.  Again, just like new before and after-


Big time thanks to all the Weber Kettle Club Members that have helped with suggestions and information.  This is a really fun group of people and make the hobby so enjoyable.


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