Here’s The @WeberGrills O Code ’92 Redhead Kettle Restore Live Blog

10/16/16 The subject:


Condition: lots of rust on the legs/triangle. Missing ash sweeps rusted in ash sweep bolt. White paint dots on the faded lid.  Usual cruddy bowl.  Missing handle.  Rusted/oxidized lid vent.  Missing ash pan.




Tackle the bowl with dish soap/water razor scraper/steel wool/sponge/paper towels.


Next, what’s left of the old ash sweep system is rusted in place.  Break out the oscillating tool and cut off the bottom nubs that went through and it broke free.


Now it’s time to clean the bottom of the bowl using the razor scraper/steel wool.


Having the legs removed start sanding them with 150 grit sandpaper using long strokes just as is advised in the Weber Kettle Club restoration guide, and then moving up to 250 and then finishing with steel wool and then polishing.

Legs and triangle before-


A finished leg on the left and an unfinished on the right-


Once the legs were cleaned up and polished  it was time to install the new one touch ash sweeps which we conveniently picked up at Fosters Grill Center on Eastern Ave (an authorized Weber Dealer).  Check out how nice that bowl cleaned up-


Next to attack the oxidized/rusted lid vent with the steel wool. Before and after-


The new ash pan (also purchased at Fosters is installed and she is ready to rip!


First cook chicken wings!



Before and after, I think she cleaned up nice!

Once again thanks to advice from members at The Weber Kettle Club for their advice and input on this restoration!

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