Grey @WeberGrills One-Touch Plus Restoration Is Under Way 

And I Think I’m In Love… 

All the way from upstate NY with help from Weber Kettle Club Buddy Azogas.

She’s dirty but we’re gonna fix that with some steel wool, a razor scraper dishwasher soap and some paper towels.

First up, the outside of the bowl-



Bowl Before and After –

With a little help from my buddy Pete Mondello we converted it from ash pan style to ash bucket (Master Touch).  Foster’s Grill Store had all the parts I needed to make the upgrade including a new style ash bucket assembly, new thermometer housing and thermometer.

The ash bucket assembly tabs did not line up with the leg socket so Pete helped me drill and secure it using stainless screws directly to the leg sockets.

2017-05-21 07.35.272017-05-21 07.45.34

She got new legs, wheels and a triangle.

2017-05-21 08.20.16

Last night I cleaned some dusty old vintage wooden Weber handles with soap and a damp rag and let them dry overnight.  This morning I applied the first of three coats of Tung Oil with a cotton rag.

The Top Vent got a much needed polishing and the new thermometer and thermometer housing installed.  Note the upside-down L stamped on the vent.  This makes it pretty special.

2017-05-21 07.52.472017-05-21 07.52.58

2017-05-21 13.53.312017-05-21 13.54.01

Third Coat Of Tung Oil Is Drying.  After That She’ll Be Complete!


One thought on “Grey @WeberGrills One-Touch Plus Restoration Is Under Way 

  1. Your work always amazes me. I don’t remember seeing you mention the need for paint touch up. The steel wool removes rust but not paint? Going to try your method with my grill.

    I also love the ash pan conversion. Good job!


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