Hey Bananahead (talking to myself)- No Shortcuts To The Best Ribs!!!

I recently acquired a Pit Barrel Cooker (PBC) which is a really nice piece of kit.

I botched two attempts at ribs by skipping a few steps and a few ingredients.

  • Hang the ribs for two hours in the smoke or until they have the color I’m, looking for.
  • Lay down foil and add four-5 pads of butter, brown sugar, honey and BBQ sauce on top.
  • Put a grate in the PBC.
  • Next double wrap in foil and place the curved side down on the grate.
  • After an hour unwrap the ribs, pour the liquid that has collected in the foil into a glass measuring cup.
  • Place the ribs back on the grate and mop the top of the ribs with that liquid and let sit in the smoke for another hour to tighten up the ribs.

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