First cook on the Brick Red @WeberGrills Performer Flank #Steak


Sold the first Performer I’d ever purchased yesterday on CraigsList and fired up The Red Brick one for the first time.

It was a pretty simple cook: Flank Steak.
The Lovely Kate marinated the Flank Steak at noon time and it went on at 7:15PM
It tasted great but I probably wouldn’t have purchased it.
“Flank steak” is hot in the culinary world right now so markets price them fairly high considering the tough cut that it is.  My line of thinking is that if you can get good Ribeyes on sale for $5.99 why in the world would you pay the same thing for a lesser cut of meat?   When I go to the meat department I generally go with an open mind and look for value and then plan my cook around whats on sale.  A lot of people get a certain recipe in their head ahead of time and no matter what the cost is, they are going to buy the protein that that recipe calls for no matter what it costs per lb.  It’s the same as someone having the option to buy Rib Roast for the same price as brisket and opting for brisket.  I’ll never understand that.
In any case it turned out delicious.  She made a citrus/ avocado/cilantro/red onion topping  that was out of this world and I really enjoyed it.  She’s an amazing cook.

Set up the charcoal baskets on one side of the pit and got the coals going pretty good before I placed the Flank directly over the baskets with a chunk of mesquite for smoke.


Flipped them over and brought them to 135 internal before pulling them off, tenting them under foil for 10 minutes and then cutting across the grain.


Here it is before I scooped on the avocado mixture that Kate made-


Chicken wings on the @WeberGrills kettle @CaptJoeLobster


Using 80% full Weber Rapidfire chimney of KBB in the charcoal baskets situated in the middle of the kettle.  Placed the wings around the edges for indirect high heat cooking.  Vents wide open with a chunk of hickory over the coals.

We will check em in 30 minutes.

Here’s they are in all their crispy on the outside-juicy on the inside goodness!




Reverse Sear Technique For A Petite Sirloin On The @WeberGrills Kettle

So after perusing the offerings at The East Gloucester Stop and Shop Meat Department, the deals were a little thin outside of the petite sirloin for $3.87LB. Normally I’ll only buy a Ribeye or a Porterhouse but these petite sirloins had decent enough marbling (sirloins aren’t known to have the luxurious marbling that a Ribeye has), and they were cut about an inch and a half thick.


So the plan was to smoke them on the Kettle around 225 degrees til they hit 130 internal and then take the lid off and sear the smoked sirloins over the coals to finish.

I took the sirloins out of the package, coated them with EVOO and then gave a coating of coarse salt, black pepper and Montreal Steak Seasoning and let them sit out to come up to room temperature while I prepped the kettle.


The Weber Kettle was set up using the snake method of charcoal arrangement and I dumped about 8 semi lit coals on the left hand end of the trail of  charcoal looking to build the temps to 225.  Used one chunk of mesquite and a handful of cherry wood for smoke.


Once the probe read 130 internal temp, I took off the lid and placed two steaks at a time over the glowing orange coals for about 2 minutes on each side to sear them.

I was skeptical as to how they would turn out with such little fat compared to a Ribeye but they were fantastic.  Excellent flavor, cooked perfectly!


And if you’re asking about the veggies on the plate, well uhmmm, There are none!

Update 2010 @WeberGrills Brick Red Performer Restoration Project

Other than the cracked table I knew this Performer had good bones. She was pretty much scratch free, the bowl was regularly cleaned by the previous owner but she just needed to be scraped down and buffed up.
Before and after pics-

There was a little bit of surface rust on the wire shelf on the bottom .  When I was at the owners house I scratched at it with my fingernail and saw that it came right off so I knew it would clean up nicely.  The broken table surface was a bit of a concern but I knew where I could get one.

Will you look at the inside of that bowl shine after an hour or so with the razor scraper and steel wool?


After cleaning the bowl thoroughly, the lid got some love with some steel wool and soapy water.  Just like new! Before and after-


The lid vent was a little dirty but again some dish soap on the steel wool did the trick-photogrid_1461786666516.jpg

Thanks to Weber Kettle Club Forum Member @TheDude for suggesting CLR cleaner to knock off the surface rust on the bottom wire rack shelf.  Again, just like new before and after-


Big time thanks to all the Weber Kettle Club Members that have helped with suggestions and information.  This is a really fun group of people and make the hobby so enjoyable.


The New Project-2010 Brick Red Weber Performer With Gas Assist

2016-04-26 14.27.29

She’s got a cracked table which I’ll have to replace, a little dusty and just a tiny bit of surface rust that I’m confident will come off with some elbow grease, thanks to Weber Kettle Club Forum Member @TheDude ‘s suggestion of using CLR to knock off that surface rust.  I drove an hour and a half away to Rescue her.

The bowl, lid and grates are in excellent shape and with a little elbow grease they’ll shine up nicely.  The ash sweeps turn freely and the ash pan is free of pitting.

2016-04-26 14.27.36

There’s really not a ton to do other than clean her up and replace the table.  This is a $450 grill brand new.  With a couple hours of work I can’t wait to shine her up!

2016-04-26 14.27.462016-04-26 14.31.172016-04-26 17.03.34-12016-04-26 17.03.56

Day Boat Scallops Seared In A @LodgeCastIron Skillet On The @WeberGrills Kettle

Step one was to place the scallops on a paper towel to dry them off.
Then season them with a generous coating of Sea Salt.
Put a half a chimney of coals into the Weber Charcoal baskets and then get your Lodge skillet heated up.
Next put a couple of turns of EVOO and a couple of tablespoons of clarified butter in the skillet and place your scallops down flat onto the skillet surface.

The key is to not move the scallops on the skillet to let them develop that golden  browning effect. Resist checking the bottom for at least two minutes.  Once you see good color, flip em over-


Let them develop the same color on the other side.  The smaller ones will cook faster so if you need to, leave the larger scallops on for a minute longer.  (You could also cut them in half)

Buttery goodness!


#Porkbutt hits the @webergrills Smokey Mountain Smoker Follow along at #bbq #bbqporn


Smoker has been running between 264 and 300.

Did not check the lid til 11:06, she’s looking niiiiice


She has stalled at 167 internal for about an hour or so.  Gonna spritz her and open the vents a little, temps have settled in at grate level at 250.

The stall lasted just over a  hour.  Broke out at 1:15PM.

Just gonna kick back,  drink a beer and let all that fat render down into succulence.


At 2:00PM she got double wrapped in foil and transported to the house where the oven was preheated for 275.

Temps started to climb slowly and at 4:15PM she hit 203 internal.  A ten hour session!  Wrapped the butt in a towel and placed it in a cooler to rest for an hour.

When we unwrapped her at 5:15PM the results were worth the wait-


Nephew BJ and BIL Barry as well as The Kimberley’s came over to enjoy some wings and pulled pork.

It was a Sweet Baby Ray’s kinda day-


Nephew BJ approves