Craigslist 2009 @WeberGrills Performer Deluxe Upgrade Update New Metal Table and Stainless Table Charcoal Bin Holder Cable

Here’s the original post-

The 2009 @WeberGrills Performer Clean Up and First Cook #BBQ

She started out dusty, faded blacks,rusty vents with a stained thermostatic plastic table-




She got a though rough detailing that you can follow in the link at top of this post.

So yesterday she looked like this-



Today the updated Performer table and stainless charcoal basket cord arrived.

The swap out took all of five minutes and the results are very pleasing. If I owned an older Performer it would be the first thing I’d do is order the newer style table.

The newer style metal table comes with bolts that are darker than the bolts that came on the original as you can see in the picture.  I was torn deciding between keeping with the silver ones that were in great shape still or using the newer black ones that shipped with the metal table.  In the end I decided to go with the darker ones, knowing that I could always swap them back f the black ones start to rust or something( I just need to not misplace them)


It was raining but I just couldn’t wait.

First to hook up the new charcoal basket cord while the table was still not bolted down.  The cord that was on there previously had rusted clips. New style looks to be stainless so ask for I if you order the newer metal table.


Next to bolt it in, no drilling or modification necessary.

Before and after-





Loving it and highly recommend this upgrade.

Weber Parts Numbers-

Metal Table 65189

Charcoal Bin Chain 65197

big time thanks to Weber Kettle Club Forum Members for the information on how to do this!

The 2009 @WeberGrills Performer Clean Up and First Cook #BBQ

First to scrape ‘er down with the razor blade



She was in pretty decent shape to begin with but the blacks were faded, there was cobwebs and the bowl, lid and ash pan were all encrusted in crud.

After a good scrape with the razor and scrub with the extra fine steel wool-


Next to clean all the black trim including legs, wire grate shelf on the bottom and charcoal basket and then apply Back To Black to restore the original deep black luster.



All the aluminum was scrubbed with the extra fine steel wool as well.  I didn’t spend any time on the thermostatic table as it will be replaced with a newer metal style Performer table when it arrives.

Fired up the gas assist to light a chimney of charcoal. It was nice to not have to use paper or lighter cubes to get the chimney going.  Just placed it on top of the gas assist tube filled up the chimney and let it light the coals. After about three minutes the gas assist was turned off and the chimney dud the rest of the work.  Dumped the chimney into the Weber charcoal baskets and put them in the center.


The grates that came with the Performer were already in decent shape but I gave them a quick scrub and oiled them down with Peanut oil before placing the rubbed chicken tenderloins offset the coal baskets around the perimeter of the bowl. Placed a small chunk of mesquite in the center for smoke.

When they hit 165 internal they got pulled off to eat.


Waiting for the new style metal table to be delivered tomorrow and handle from Brian😀


Grill accessory- plastic container to protect remote thermometer for outdoor cooks in the rain

imageimageYou can get these at the Dollar Store. They work very well to protect the unit on your remote thermometer sensor from the rain which will ruin your investment in a hurry.

I know it’s not some high tech revelation but sometimes there are simple solutions that we can pass on. I hear many stories of semi-expensive remote thermometers getting destroyed by rain.
Being transparent they allow you to see the temps without having to take the unit out if the container.

The cord on the probe goes right out the corner and the container can still be locked down to protect from the elements.

This one was $2 and I got it at Ocean State Job Lot in Peabody.