The Latest @WeberGrills Performer – A Blue 2003 DT Code Gets Some Love

She came to me in good physical shape.  Solid frame, a few minor scrapes around the rim on the lid but in need of a deep cleaning.

Before and after.







Working gas- assist


1998 Stainless Steel Craigslist Performer Find Pre-Restore

This green SS Performer find is in great shape except for the ash pan assembly.  Everything else I believe can be buffed up to look like new.  I bought it with the intention that if my buddies Craig Kimberley or James Eves didn’t want it I was going to keep it for myself.  But I could not, in good conscious let it sit there and sell to someone who would not appreciate it.  I was secretly hoping neither of them really wanted it so I could keep it for myself but James jumped at the chance and he will be doing the restore.  He promises to send in pics of the project.

The Bowl and lid were in excellent shape. The stainless will clean up beautifully with a  little bartenders keeper.  The frame solid.

2016-04-19 10.09.182016-04-19 10.15.522016-04-19 10.15.38

I would replace the bolts with stainless but I’m not sure it’s necessary.  The only bad spot are the arms on the ash pan assembly that are rusted.

2016-04-19 10.08.502016-04-19 10.09.022016-04-19 10.15.43

I’m going to ask my friends at the Webber Kettle Club Forums for suggestions.