Check out “Are Gas or Charcoal Grills More Cost Effective?”By Len Penzo

Are Gas or Charcoal Grills More Cost Effective

In his blog post Len compares the cost of charcoal cooking vs gas and electric grill ownership.

There are a bunch of variables that Len uses that I’d quibble with namely the cost of charcoal as I usually bulk purchase charcoal when there are super sales like Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day. I’ve been following these predictable super sales for the past four years and Kingsford charcoal can routinely be purchased for 25% of the cost he uses in his calculations

He makes great observations about the cost of gas grill ownership and the pain of refilling propane tanks and also points out the ease of use of propane.

For me the ritual of starting the coals and managing the temps is a get away, a pleasant escape and mind cleansing. It makes me happy sitting out with a beer tending the grill or kicking back on a long smoke and enjoying the results.

There’s no right or wrong answer but I’m firmly in the charcoal camp. BTW it’s interesting that he didn’t bring pellet smokers into the conversation. They’ve still a niche but gaining momentum. Also not for me as the ritual and manual control of the heat management is one of the things I like most about charcoal grilling.

One thought on “Check out “Are Gas or Charcoal Grills More Cost Effective?”By Len Penzo

  1. Anyone who grills a lot knows the charcoal sales, and buy at that time. For me, it isn’t about cost- I guess I’m lucky- but it’s about FLAVOR! Charcoal or wood is hands down better tasting to grill over than gas or electric.


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