Christmas Eve Roast Recipe For The @PKGrills #PK360

It’s pretty straightforward.

Trim away any huge globs of visual fat.

Use some butchers twine to form up the roast so it is symmetrically circular by cinching up the twine.

Make slits every three inches or so on the roast and insert thinly sliced slivers of garlic.

Slather on some Worcestershire sauce, then a mix of coarse salt/restaurant grind black pepper/ garlic /sage/rosemary/thyme.

Let it sit on counter for an hour or so to get up close to room temp.

Put about a chimney full of unlit charcoal in the right hand side of the PK 360 liberally sprinkled with wood chips.  I used cherry.

Light about ten briquettes in the chimney and once glowing place them on one corner of the unlit charcoal.

Place some foil or foil trays under where your roast will sit.

Place remote thermometer probe and close the lid.

Once the temps climb to 200, close the top vent over the lit charcoal, leave the vent on the opposite side open.  Close the bottom vent under where the meat will be placed and leave the bottom vent under the coals about 2/3 open.

Place the meat opposite the coals, over the drip pan or foil, stick the meat thermometer probe in the thickest part of the roast.

You’re looking for 250 degree pit temp.  If it wants to run at 275- no problem, If it wants to run at 225, no problem.  Wherever it settles in that range, you’re good.

If you follow these directions you’ll have edge to edge pink meat with a nice crust.

When the internal temp gets to 117, pull it off and lightly wrap it in foil .

Open the lid so the remaining coals fire up and get a little orange glow going.

Place the roast back on the pit, but this time directly over the coals.

Pay close attention, you want a sear but not a burn.   About a minute and roll, then a minute and roll, til the roast is seared all around.

Once you get that sear all the way around place it on a tray and then loosely tent the foil around it.  You can keep it like that for a couple hours.  it will retain the meat.

Slice it and you’ll discover a perfectly cooked even pink edge to edge roast.



Avocado stuffed with crabmeat topped with panko on the @PKGrills #PK360

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First Low and Slow Session On The @PKGrills #PK360 Chuckie For Pulled Beef Sliders

Set up for my first low and slow session on the @pkgrills #pk360 A four lb #chuckroast for pulled beef sliders. Filled right side of the pit with unlit charcoal then added 12 ashed over lit coals in the top right corner of the pile. Cherry wood for smoke. Chuckie hit the cooking grate at 250 degrees. Foil pan underneath. Will wrap when internal temp hits 170. Will pull off when roast is fork tender to pull.

Here are the vent settings for the low and slow 250 degree grate temp-

Bottom left vent closed completely.  Bottom right vent open half way.  Top right vent closed completely. Top left vent (above the meat) closed half way.



#Chocolate Covered Bacon On The @PKGrills #PK360

First we set up the PK 360 for indirect heat to cook the bacon using cherry wood for smoke.  Line the grill with tin foil for easy clean up.

Once the bacon is done place it on a plate with paper towels to take away excess bacon grease.  Melt semi-sweet chocolate by placing a glass bowl over a steaming pot of water and on medium-low heat.


Once chocolate is melted place a sheet of wax paper on a cookie sheet.  Using three different toppings- Himalayan Salt, Maple Pepper and Sweet Maple Seasoning.


The bacon will be delicate so the best way to apply it is to lay it against the side of the bowl, get a god glob of chocolate on the spoon and then let it drop down onto the side of the bacon strip.  Turn and do the same on the other side.


Place on the wax paper and lightly sprinkle the seasonings on the chocolate covered bacon.

Then place in the fridge to help set up.